This is early-ish footage of a VR Game I'm making in Godot. In actuality this is entirely just a tech demo right now as I wanted to test how easy it was to make a VR Game in Godot. Turns out it's incredibly easy. Like, shockingly so.
Godot already has built in VR/XR support and you can entirely work from that and add what you need.. However I am using Godot XR Tools which adds a large amount of the stuff most VR devs will need. It works way better than you'd expect it to.

But I digress. This was originally set up as a VRChat world but due to my lack of understanding of the Unity engine I never progressed overly far on it.
In essence: This is a game where you have to live out the last of your life in your apartment as the world ends around you.
I'm sure if I continuined this as VRChat world it would receive a lot more attention, but I personally prefer to work this as a standalone VR game as I will have a better understanding of the engine in the end. Both knowing the engine through learning as I go, and know fully what I am capable of doing in the game itself.