In very early development Sommnet is a Yume Nikki inspired RPG made in the Godot engine.

You play as Mem, a rat girl wearing a nice green turtleneck and skirt. The general loop is the same with Mem visiting strange "worlds" and finding items that alter how she interacts with them.
So far a handful of my development has just been writing the RPG engine and featureset, but I have an Obisdian Vault full of design notes with a clear vision of how this game will play out.

The graphics are made by me, a one man show right now, it's been fun learning and improving my artistic spriting ability.

Similarily the "music" is also homemade. I can art well enough, but my musical ability is.. lacking. Music is created in Beepbox and similar forks. At the very least I can make some decent plonking and drone that works enough to build some atmosphere.
Here's a few tracks.

Tense Drone:

Why uh.. are you still scrolling?



Do you.. want to.. see something likely not canon to the game?


These are just for fun.. possibly. Iunno, I felt inspired to make some body horror? What else can I say.