Ahh.. Muffintron. Being a programmer we trend to lazy sorts.. which is to say we'll happily spend many more hours writing our own program to do a task easier for us. And often making our own implementation because "we can do it better".

That was Muffintron, My own Twitch chat bot built in the vein of Nightbot and Coebot. I'd had experience with chat bot previously as I used to always be on IRC servers with friends. Starting with a basic java bot using Pircbot it was great fun.. and then IRC sputtered out.
But guess what: Twitch in an attempt to avoid making a whole new system for chat opted to use IRC. Meaning bots were easy to make or port!

So that birthed Muffintron, who initially only sat in a friend's chat and only offered quotes. He (A Mr. T3h_Muffinz) is one of those sorts, the "very quotable" types, and from there Muffintron grew gaining moderation features, multi-channel support, per channel language files and much more.
By the end of it's life it was sitting in a good 12 or so channels at least. Originally in written in a PHP IRC framework called SimpIRC it was later ported to Ruby.

"By the end of it's life" you ask? Well.. yes. This tale takes a sad tone now. At the time Muffintron was ran somewhat secretly on our Minecraft server's website server as a little background process. And one day the owner of the server vanished, and with them only code and database Muffintron.
Yes, I am well aware how stupid it was for there to be only one copy of it all. And this from me a notorious data hoarder. I can't explain it, but I do regret it. So much history lost there.

Nowadays I've made a few efforts to rebuild Muffintron in NodeJS but I never get too far for a handful of reasons. It has had a brief revival as a Discord bot and Twitch bot again, and at one point a uh.. Discord Voice Bot that used Google TTS to understand you and generate responses which it'd speak using Dectalk TTS. That was a weird night.
Currently? Present day and present time? Muffintron exists in a fragmented form with a few smaller bots using it's name, and one variant ran by previously mentioned T3h_Muffinz as his quote bot.