Our Shadow Roommate

Submitter: Weremuffin
Submitted: 2023-12-07 / 1:34 PM
Tags: Shadow, Entity, Benevolent

Over the last severeal years we've been aware of something else living with us. When we last had real roommates one of them was aware of Them as well, as she was witness to it in our living room.
Of recent years we haven't seen or witnessed it to any amount so we believe it has left or "gone dormant".

When we would see it the entity would always manifest as a shadowy figure around 6' and average-above average weight. Normally we would see it only on the 2nd floor of our townhouse standing near to or at the top of our stairs.
I have myself witnesed it in all 3 upstairs rooms before: The Guest Bedroom, Our Bedroom and the Bathroom. It generally seemed more attached to the Guest Bedroom (which is awfully polite of it thinking on that), as well it has previously followed my partner to work once which did spook him.

One significant encounter we do tie to this entity is one day after we got back from a long long drive and were taking a nap in our bedroom just as we're about to fall asleep we're awoken by a loud sound downstairs in the kitchen.
Heading down we find the lid to the trash can has launched off about halfway across the kitchen. We have no pets, have never had evidence of vermin, as well at that time we had no roommates. How it launched is still a mystery for us.

Finally, we do have a friend who is more or less a sensitive. He is quite tied into the spiritual side of things and I know he's had an ability to witness things often unseen. He has however never seen this entity or felt anything of ill intent within our place.