Well, well, well, weeelllll.. Look like we got a live one! Welcome, welcome!

Where the h*ck am I?!

Ah, of course. You find yourself on my internet webpage for that I use to consolidate down my projects to a central spot for sharing to the world.
As well, I collect spooky tales up above and other things I feel worth sharing onward. Do check them out!

But, who are you?!

Ok ok, I'm gonna break wacky 90s persona for a minute:
Hey! I'm Weremuffin, also known as Mr. Muffin. Born 199X on Halloween and a heavy tea drinker. Raised around computers from an early age by like late 90s ('98 even?!) I took a fascination to the internet and wanted to make my own website. Also being interested in the paranormal and horror as well (parents were always playing Coast to Coast AM) that was the focus of said website.
So I took to uhh. Shiii, it might've been Google even? Yahoo? I think we were initially a Yahoo household. Anyway. I looked up how do I make a website and found WebMonkey. Long gone nowadays it looks but wouldn't ya know Archive has it logged. (Link)
And from there I found Lycos and from there I found...

Yeeeaahhh yeee! I mean, my old ass page is long gone by now. Pretty certain it never got archived.

But my point: That stuff grew my interest in programming and web dev as a whole. Now, I could easily make a modern website that looks largely like most any other site nowadays and sure it's probably more professional. But there's a delightful nostalgia here on Neocities and seeing the wonderful works of art here that people have created.

Oh wow, can you tell me more? and go way too indepth?!

Why of course! Thank you very realistic questioneer!

Well I love photography, my parents were both involved in it as well my dad having a decent career in it as well so I feel I've definitely inherited that.
I also love a well shot scene in movies and television and a nice dolly zoom makes my heart flutter. There's something so satisfying about them.

As said above I'm a programmer and enjoy it still. Present day and present time I've been finally making a dive into game dev after a rocky start in Love2D ages ago and never touching Unity beyond making some VRChat content I've landed with Godot and it's unbelievable how much it's clicked for me. Check the Creations page for some of my work!

Doctor Who is one of my favorite series, with me having seen all of the new series and more than half of the original series and a small chunk of audio dramas. FWIW the Seventh Doctor is my favorite. I started with Nine when the revival first hit SciFi and from there the interest grew and grew.

Favorite games include Chrono Trigger, Bioshock Infinite, The Stalker Series, Alan Wake.. and I'm glad that Minecraft doesn't itself track how many hours you play as I do not want to know that number. Oh god.

I am a total data hoarder. And to a similar extent one IRL too (but I've gotten a lot better at that at least). One day I intend to get several large drives and try to consolidate everything and organize it. But where to start.. my collection ranges so far and is ever expanding.

All things weird and unusual are my vibe. Spooky stuff, weird or unsettling imagery. I greatly enjoy the bizarre, unusual, and paranormal. Also like I said above I enjoy the paranormal greatly, but have not personally done any real ghost hunting as my partner understandably wishes me to not invite anything in that we can't deal with.

My musical taste is actually all over the place. With favorite groups ranging from The Mars Volta to Rainbow Kitten Surprise to Igorrr to Florence + the Machine.
I'll be listening to some psychedelic stuff one week, then get into a Vaporwave mood, followed by some Power Metal.. Glitchcore leading into Chipmunk Sludge.
Fwiw, The Mars Volta are definitely up as my favorite band. Bedlam In Goliath being my favorite by them and probably one of my favorite albums.


what else...


Ok, you can go. Check out the remaining tabs above for *better* content